Library Services

Internet & Word Processing

The Library provides Internet service to patrons that have signed an Acceptable Use Agreement. Children under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the agreement as well. Children under twelve must have a parent present during their Internet use. Visitors that provide a valid photo i.d. can register for temporary computer access.

Wireless Internet Access

Free WIFI is available throughout the building. Wireless printing is NOT currently available.


A public black and white printer is available for $0.15/page.


A black and white photo copier is available for pubilc use. Copies are $0.15/page or $0.20/page double sided. Paper sizes up to 11x17" also available for an additional charge.


A scanner is available for use at no charge. Scanned documents will be saved to a flash drive provided by the customer. Flash drives are available to purchase for $5.00.

Notary Services

A Notary is available during most hours of operation. You may want to call ahead to confirm availability. The fee is $4.00.


A FAX machine is available for public use. The following charges apply:

OutgoingTo a Toll Free Number$1.00 for up to 5 pages + $0.50 for each additional page
OutgoingAny Other US Number$2.00 for up to 5 pages + $0.50 for each additional page
IncomingFrom Any Number$2.00 for up to 5 pages + $0.50for each additional page
InternationalTo Any International Number$5.00 for up to 5 pages + $0.50 for each additional page


A typewriter is available for public use. Blank paper may be purchased for $0.10/sheet. There is no charge to use the machine.

Proctored Exams

Exam proctoring is available on a case-by-case basis, as time permits. There is a $15.00 fee per exam. A $10.00 late charge is applied to exams scheduled less than 72 hours in advance. Printing, copy, FAX and mailing fees may also apply.