Sponsorship Opportunities

About Sponsorship

Perkins Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of opportunities for corporations and small businesses who seek a unique marketing platform with access to thousands of consumers spanning multiple demographics.

Rewarding Opportunities

Sponsoring a Parks and Recreation event or program will not only improve Perkins's quality of life but also can meet your organization's goals. Sponsorships may range from financial support to in-kind donations.

The Parks Department offers multiple special events that can broadcast your

How to Sponsor

We know that there are many sponsorship opportunities for worthy causes in Perkins and limited dollars for this purpose. This is why we have created a simple process that will give you an overview of how our sponsorship opportunities are set up. Here is a list of a few of the ways to sponsor the Parks and Recreation Department.

Promotional Banners- For an initial donation starting at $200, (half of which goes directly to Parks and Rec.), Model Tee in Perkins will create a banner of your design, that will then be hung up on the fence at Peters Park or Dickson Park during Recreational leagues or during any Park and Rec event for a year! That means that your banner will be seen by everyone participating in Flag Football, Soccer, T-Ball, and Coach Pitch, as well as the countless numbers of people that use the parks throughout the year!

Price list-

  • 3x6 ft.= $200
  • 4x6ft.= $210
  • 3x8ft= $230
  • 4x8ft.= $240
  • 3x10=$250
  • 4X10= $260

Art Mural Project- Children in the Perkins-Tyron Elementary and Intermediate schools are able to design a mural to be painted onto one of the buildings at either Dickson or Peters Park. What we need are painting supplies and paint. The first business or individual to donate $500 or more will get a commemorative plaque to be displayed with the mural.

Santa's Workshop- Next December, the Park and Recreation Department will transform the Territorial Plaza into Santa's village with a workshop to have Santa visit the City of Perkins and take pictures with the children. We are needing donors to help fund the workshop and lights. Donors who donate more than $500 get the chance to win naming rights for the workshop.

 Please contact Ryan Brewer (405) 747-7520 for more information on how you can get involved and create community through Parks and Recreation.

Current Sponsors

  • Resolutions Therapy
  • Mikes Remodeling and Repair
  • Perkins Drug
  • Payne County Bank
  • Harland and Beverly Wells
  • The Railroad Yard
  • Lions Meadows of Hope
  • Sharyl Pickens with Metro First Realty
  • Palmer Marler Funeral Home
  • Wilson Chevrolet

To all of our sponsors thank you for your support. Your contribution will help bring more activities and upgrades to the Parks and Recreation Department.